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MTB Pest Control provides effective, affordable Termite Extermination Services in Fort Germantown, MD. We concentrate on residential Cockroach Exterminations, commercial and industrial termite Pest Inspections, and Preventative Bed Bugs and pest management removal services. We offer expert Mosquito Extermination near you in Fort Germantown, MD to remove all insects, including Termite Exterminations, Spider Exterminations, Bed Bug Extermination, Bee Removal Fort Germantown, MD & so much more!

We Get Rid of Pests Fast & Safely! You Can Depend on us at MTB Pest to Handle Your Concerns. Call now for 24/7 Pest Control support In Fort Germantown, MD – We Offer You 24/7 Same Day Service – Call Now! Our local Professionals have Certified Termite Exterminators who are Ready to Answer our phones. Schedule an Exterminator pro Today. Get Effective Methods. 24-Hours / 7 Days a Week. Same-Day Appointments. Full-Service Pest Control service in Fort Germantown, MD.

Family Owned & Operated Professional Pest Control Services. Call to Schedule an Appointment

MTB Pest Control guarantees you the best, most effective Wasp Insect Extermination Services. We also concentrate on Tick/Mite Extermination, Crawl Space & Attic Services, Ant Exterminations, Bird Control Services, Flea Exterminations; our Recurring Services are the very best. We do Pest Proofing and so much MORE ! Get in touch with Milton at MTB Pest right now Today. Call Milton Now for Fort Germantown, MD’s pest control help right away!

Our services include:

1) Fly Control
2) Fogging
3) Free Estimates
4) Fumigation
5) Gnat Control
6) Gopher Control
7) Harborage Areas
8) Hog & Horse Farms
9) Household Pest Control
10) Insect & Disease Control
11) Insect Damage Repair
12) Inspections, Letters & Reports
13) Inspections

15) Quarterly Services
16) Reptile Control
17) Roach Control
18) Same Day Service
19) Special Events
20) Spider Control
21) Squirrel Control
22) Swimming Pools
23) Termite Bailing
24) Termite Certificates & Inspections
25) Termite Damage Protection Plan
26) Trapping

Fort Germantown, MD. Residential Pest Control Maryland

MTB Pest is an American made pest control company. Compare our Termite Treatment Plans Vs. Orkin & Terminex. We do not offer up a cookie-cutter solution to exterminate pesty termites and which is why we offer three residential pest management packages pick from in your fight against insects.

1) 50 Years – Family Owned & Operated
2) Insured & Licensed Government
3) Clearance Maryland & Fort Germantown, MD MD
4) No Contracts- Guaranteed Military & Senior Discount
5) FREE Estimates Eco-Friendly Solutions

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MTB Pest Control protects residents and businesses against bed bugs, termites, ants, cockroaches, stinging insects, bees and wasps, snakes, and bats in Maryland and Fort Germantown, MD. — We offer free termite inspections and free residential & commercial pest control management estimates! MTB pest control is family owned and operated, and we care about you, your home, and your budget. Our termite inspections and treatments get deep down into the ground where termites live (no baiting program) and include our exclusive 5-year warranty. See Termite Treatments.

Local Pest & Termite Control Fort Germantown, MD | Best Exterminator

MTB Pest Control has fully licensed and thoroughly skilled, and experienced insect & termite control services in Fort Germantown, MD. Milton will work with you with a level of respect and quality service you expect to meet your necessity of removing bugs. We will inspect, identify and exterminate any existing or potential threats to your house or business, along with a customized, detailed plan to help. Our pest control services always include preventative and maintenance recommendations to make your home and surrounding areas safer against pest infestations. We are trained on techniques and treatments, continually finding the most expert solutions and advice to pass along to our customers. We listen to our customers.

Where We Service. Fort Germantown, MD Pest Termite Control & Bed Bug Removals

BEG BUGS bite & don’t care ! Suppose your house is in a wealthy community or not. In that case, termites & insects, including mosquitoes and beg bugs, can infest and inside ANY home that offers them water, food, and shelter, which means that the families and homes in Maryland.

These Termites Cost US property owners more than 5 billion dollars in damages annually

The threat of termite damage? Termites are one of the greatest dangers to homes in Fort Germantown, MD. These elusive little pests secretly inside your house eat away at the properties support structure inside dry walls, foundations, and sometimes for years without being discovered.

Termites, Bed bugs & Pests are no match for the pros here at MTB Pest Control, serving all of Fort Germantown, MD. Most homeowner insurance policies don’t cover termites. That is why you need to be proactive regarding termites. A termite monitoring and extermination service are paramount to protecting the equity you have earned in your property in Fort Germantown, MD. By providing immediate and courteous Pest Free services at a fair price, we’ve been efficiently controlling and removing pests, insects, and bugs for nearly 50 years. Pest control service and quality, you can trust.

$50 Off Pest Control Services – Pest Control Near Fort Germantown, MD

For a limited time, get $50 off initial general pest control services. After your current termite infestation is gone, Thus Exterminated, this MTB pest removal system remains effective and in a position to be monitored by our local specialists 24/7 to keep bed bugs, mosquitoes, insects, and intruders from destroying your house in the future. The MTB state-of-the-art termite management and removal system for exterminating homes will need to eliminate and guard against termites. You can Eliminate termites or shield against these terrors with help from the exterminator termite pros here at MTB Pest Control in Fort Germantown, MD.

Bed Bug Control in Fort Germantown, MD, Maryland

Bed bugs are on the rise throughout Fort Germantown, MD and the nation and here in MD. We offer state-of-the-art technologies and pest-products and highly trained and experienced expert exterminators in Fort Germantown, MD, Maryland, to help you eliminate and exterminate bed bugs out of your house or business. Our goal is to get rid of bugs by extermination and provide quality solutions at a fair price, which has made the MTB Pest Control name a reliable name and pioneer in the pest control industry. Our bed pest specialists will react quickly and discreetly to exterminate any bed bugs.

The MTB Pest Control Difference Near Fort Germantown, MD

Multi-Service Discount,  FREE Estimates,  50 Years – Family Owned & Operated

MTB Pest Control is your choice for local home and business owners in Fort Germantown, MD that need superior year-round Pest RemoMDl protection against termite property damages, pests, and immediate attention when pests inside INVADE. Whether you need a high quality one-time pest removal service or need the yearlong peace of mind that our Preferred Care plans provide, we are the reliable choice for Fort Germantown, MD, MD exterminators Pros.

We guarantee you Prompt, Effective termite removal services at a reasonable cost. When unwanted bed bugs, spiders, and insects decide to inside your Fort Germantown, MD  real estate,” MTB, Pest Control is here for you 24/7. Call Today! Last, we provide our highly acclaimed Preferred Care Complete Termite plan for Fort Germantown, MD, Maryland homeowners. Termite, preventative & removal plans can exterminate the insects and give you peace of mind with 24/hr protection, And for over nearly 50 household bugs, including termites invading your home. It’s among the best preventive pest control plans in the business. Protect your investment in your Fort Germantown, MD, Maryland home by Dealing directly with MTB Pest Control Today.

Services Overview

Your home is your oasis, but what happens when your facing termites or bug insiders in the form of pests?. We’re the go-to source for residential issues & commercial pest control of any scale or type in Maryland. We Exterminate termites, bed bugs, stink bugs, spiders, and centipedes earwigs, roaches, fleas, and a lot more of those nuisance pests.

MTB Pest control provides high-quality pest removal service to residential and industrial customers, with an MTB guarantee. Free quotes, free inspections. Wood destroying insect exterminators. We offer exterminators for pest control & termite service in Fort Germantown, MD and other Maryland DC metro areas near you.

Termites – A wood destroying insect can create property damages to compromise your home’s integrity and other items made of wood products.

Roaches – American, German roach, Oriental roaches, brown-banded cockroach, and the most common cockroach found in Maryland homes is the german cockroach, followed by the American cockroach, typically a nocturnal pest that infests homes and businesses. Found in kitchens, bathrooms, drains, crawlspaces, and basements.

Ants – Some of the most common ants living in Central Maryland include: Carpenter ants. Acrobat ants in color from light black to brown, and they have a unique heart-shaped abdomen. Odorous house ants. Pavement ants. And Pharaoh ants.

Fleas – Pest that is easy to obtain but difficult to eliminate. Bloodsuckers could cause you and your critters an allergic response.

Spiders – Arachnids that are mainly benign but do lurk inside and around your house, bushes, and clutter.

Common Spider Groups

1) Wolf spiders Family: Lycosidae.
2) Nursery web and Fishing spiders Family: Pisauridae.
3) Jumping spiders. Family: Salticidae.
4) Cellar spiders. Family: Pholcidae.
5) Cobweb spiders. family: Theridiidae.
6) Funnel weavers/Grass spiders. Family: Agelenidae.

Beetles – A beetle has rigid wings that cover its bodies, its an essential insect species in Maryland: Rove beetles, soldier beetles (leatherwings) in Fort Germantown, MD, and two types of ground-dwelling beetles: tiger beetles (Six spotted tiger beetle and ground beetles (carabids).

Bed bugs wingless insects that feed only on the blood of warm-blooded animals. People are ideal hosts to them.

SilverFish – thought to be one of the world’s oldest insects. Shiney silver half are an inch long and are mostly active at night time.

Earwigs – Pincer bugs, Scary to look at but not poisonous, and they do not spread disease. Although not known to bite humans, Stink Bugs do render an undesirable odor when smashed or tormented.

Mites – Many types of fleas are free-living arthropods that dine on fungi and plants.

Mice – Little rodents generally chew on several different things in a house for food for nesting material.

Rats – Small rodents can chew through walls, wires, and even wood. Bid Farewell to Your Threat of Cockroaches!

Whether you need one treatment 2-3 days before an outdoor event or want to protect your loved ones and pets for the whole summer and take back your yard.

Termite Control For Fort Germantown, MD

Our termite treatments guarantee to provide superior results. MTB Pest is a leader in termite baiting, termite removals & termite inspections in Fort Germantown, MD, MD. Sentricon is also an effective extermination process for the following reasons:

1) Eliminates the termite colonies, and with a continuous yearly termite treatment- pest maintenance plans with our Company, We’ll continue to monitor bug activity and Exterminate future colonies. With the use of above-ground technology, termite baits are immediately available for termite removals. Sentricon is proactive at extermination, killing bugs, finding, and removing termite colonies; we almost always incorporate an additional warranty covering repairs.

What’s- included:

If you discover termites living in your house while under our contract, you will immediately be- Re-treated at no charge. Our pest removal guarantee is also transferable to the new homeowner if you sell your property.

Cockroach Control For Fort Germantown, MD,

One of our local, friendly, and highly trained technicians in your area will work with you to Be Certain that your home stays pest-free! With cockroach control in Maryland from MTB Pest Control, you can give you peace of mind and eliminate your cockroach problem and the threat of illness from bugs. We can use our chemical barriers around your home to prevent re-infestation in the future. We propose regular monthly pest control plans renewals of the compound barrier for non-stop protection against cockroaches.

We will look thoroughly through your house for signs of cockroaches and come up with a treatment strategy to get rid of the pest. Once we detect activity, we utilize a two-pronged approach to get rid of roaches. First, we treat the active infestations. It helps eliminate the cockroaches by exterminating your house in all growth stages, from eggs to adults. Though Cockroach removal is essential, our strategy’s second plan of attack makes sure that cockroaches won’t enter your house again.

Our Mosquito Control Services

We’re careful to stay clear of edible plants, children’s toys, and other sensitive things to make it safe for the family. Our barrier exterminators pro treatments for Mosquitoes, Ticks, and Fleas removal are what the doctor ordered. Milton does our Seasoned Exterminator pest control treatments in Fort Germantown, MD, Maryland. which can be done 1x once per month, April through October, to keep ahead of the mosquito breeding cycles. Our local Fort Germantown, MD, MD Pest control company isn’t just skilled at Mosquito Pest Control removals in MD). Were The Best Exterminators near you Available 24/5 365 Days a Years in MD.

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MTB Pest is Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week- even on holidays. You are under zero obligation to use our services if you get a quote from us, but we’d be surprised if you found a better deal or a better company. Before you go with a national brand that has no stake in the community, call MTB. We care about helping you!