Special Services

special pest control services from mtb

Some pests require extra attention and treatments to completely eradicate their infestation and ensure they are eliminated permanently.

Our proven Bed Bug control and Termite control treatments offer regular follow up treatments to make sure every last larva is exterminated.

Effective Bed Bug Extermination in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC

MTB’s Bed Bug elimination process requires three treatments and includes a 30-day warranty beginning after the 3rd treatment. Payment can be paid up front in-full or 1/3 each visit.

Bed Bug treatments are applied every 7 days during a 3-week time frame.

Our process begins with customers washing and drying all articles of clothing and keeping them in bag until all treatments are completed.

Prior to the first treatment, you must:

1) Remove all clothing from dresser drawers, closets, and the floors.
2) Remove all bedding, including sheets and pillowcases.
3) Be prepared to vacate your home for at least 4 hours during treatments.

After the third and final treatment, MTB recommends the following:

1) Place bed bug covers over your mattresses and box springs.
2) Shampoo carpets.

If a customer has followed all the recommended steps from MTB and a Bed Bug is spotted during the 30-day warranty time, then MTB will provide and additional Bed Bug treatment to eliminate bed bugs.

Best Termite Control Program in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC

MTB’s termite control starts with an inspection. We will identify the trouble areas and provide a free estimate based on the size of your property and the severity of the Termite damage. Unlike national programs, MTB doesn’t require a one-year contract. We’ll make a recommendation for treatment duration based on your location and the elements. Our Termite control services include a 1-year, 3-year, or 5-year warranty depending on the service you choose. If Termites are spotted during the warranty period MTB will re-inspect the property. If all recommendations have been followed MTB will retreat the property.

MTB only uses Termidor®, because it’s the best product to eliminate termites.

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